Recruiting the best job candidates can be a challenge, especially as it becomes more and more difficult to attract competitive talent. However, there is a way to resolve difficult recruitments and fill in positions for specialized or niche work.

Using innovative recruitment strategies can change the way you and your team hire employees. In particular, I recommend brainstorming to find hires more quickly and efficiently. Over the years, I’ve had amazing experiences brainstorming with my team during difficult recruitments.

When we’ve worked together and brainstormed ways we can attract our ideal candidate, the results have always been good. Brainstorming starts with a group conversation. Gather your team, and discuss ways you can win over elusive job candidates. This might include providing more benefits like remote work, a higher salary, great hours, and affordable healthcare.

In addition to this, think about what first attracted you and your other team members to your own jobs or company. Brainstorming with your team about this topic can be a great way to figure out what you are doing wrong with the recruitment process.

And, as you talk about what makes your own job or company worthwhile and exciting, you will start to come up with reasons a potential hire might want to take the job you are offering. Of course, recruitment has its ups and downs. But brainstorming will help engage candidates and help you find out what motivates them to accept positions.