Greetings — I’m Marek Michalski and I’ve got a unique understanding of the finance industry that I can use to help you achieve your recruiting goals; whether you’re starting out in the sector or whether you’re a company that needs help from an insider in finding the best candidates.

About me

What makes me unique? I have 15 years of experience working as an accountant and in other finance roles in both Poland and the United Kingdom. I loved every minute of my career, and so I know what’s it like for people needing that extra boost to stand out in job searches, and for companies who need help finding the right candidate from dozens of applicants.

I’ve always been an optimist as well as eager to help others, and that’s why I switched to offering my services to help with recruiting in the world of accounting and finance.

It’s all about finding the right person for the right job, and connecting the best possible candidates with their ideal work roles. My goal is to always leave finance companies and their hires in a better place, and help both sides hire quickly and with minimal stress.

Why should you work with me? My unusual but valuable path to recruiting

It’s not often in Poland that you meet a recruiter in the finance industry who’s got more than a decade of experience working in the sector, and that’s why I stand out from the pack.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an accountant and I worked hard to fulfil that desire. I secured a great career in finance that included eight years working in the UK, and several more years working in the sector back in Poland to further improve my deep understanding of accounting. But then I started thinking about how I could help other people who are eager to join the industry, and that’s why I moved into recruiting.

I use this inside expertise of the finance sector to help people stand out as job candidates, and also to help accounting firms find the absolute best possible hires.

For job applicants: giving you the support you need to secure your ideal role

Let’s be honest, finance is a competitive industry and it can be hard to stand out when hunting for jobs because companies get dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for top positions. I’ve overcome that hurdle and can share with you the top tips to stand out and win your dream job.

Many accounting recruiting companies do good work but are rarely led be people who have had actual experience in the industry. I’m pretty unique in the recruiting space because I’ve done 15 years of dedicated work in finance, and I know exactly what companies are looking for with job candidates. Let me share that knowledge with you to improve your work applications.

I know what finance companies are looking for from job candidates, including what you should and should not include in your resume, what to write in your cover letter, and learning the right things to say (as well as the things you must never say) during job interviews.

Get in touch with me for a simple way to remove all of the stress from trying to find a job in the finance industry, as I’ll work with you to match your skillset with the ideal position.

For finance companies: look no further for an expert to help you identify the best candidate


If you’re a finance company that needs help with finding new hires, I can help you save time and money and quickly identify the ideal candidate who meets your every need and will become a valuable member of your team that delivers consistently and never falls short. My rich network of first-class contacts means I can swiftly identify and verify the best person for an open job.

My approach for clients is to apply the skills I’ve developed during my lengthy accounting and finance career to help you find the perfect employee faster. Too many companies have to wait many weeks to discover the best person for the job, but I can make it happen quickly. That saves you, and the future employee, vital time as they can start work sooner.

This helps companies to avoid the nightmare scenario of having to spend many weeks trying to recruit a candidate and then finding out the person can’t actually do their job well after they are hired, which means wasting more time and money — whether that’s because you have to start the recruiting process all over again, or have to train the candidate after hiring them.

And my invaluable support also helps to protect you against hiring someone who signs a contract of employment but then decides the job isn’t right for them and quits just before they were due to start. I have the expertise to help you avoid hiring this type of job candidate.

You’ll never face those situations if you work with me to help you find your next great employee.