Recruiting the best job candidates can be a challenge, especially as it becomes more and more difficult to attract competitive talent. However, there is a way to resolve difficult recruitments and fill in positions for specialized or niche work.

Using innovative recruitment strategies can change the way you and your team hire employees. In particular, I recommend brainstorming to find hires more quickly and efficiently. Over the years, I’ve had amazing experiences brainstorming with my team during difficult recruitments.

When we’ve worked together and brainstormed ways we can attract our ideal candidate, the results have always been good. Brainstorming starts with a group conversation. Gather your team, and discuss ways you can win over elusive job candidates. This might include providing more benefits like remote work, a higher salary, great hours, and affordable healthcare.

In addition to this, think about what first attracted you and your other team members to your own jobs or company. Brainstorming with your team about this topic can be a great way to figure out what you are doing wrong with the recruitment process.

And, as you talk about what makes your own job or company worthwhile and exciting, you will start to come up with reasons a potential hire might want to take the job you are offering. Of course, recruitment has its ups and downs. But brainstorming will help engage candidates and help you find out what motivates them to accept positions.

Greetings — I’m Marek Michalski and I’ve got a unique understanding of the finance industry that I can use to help you achieve your recruiting goals; whether you’re starting out in the sector or whether you’re a company that needs help from an insider in finding the best candidates.

About me

What makes me unique? I have 15 years of experience working as an accountant and in other finance roles in both Poland and the United Kingdom. I loved every minute of my career, and so I know what’s it like for people needing that extra boost to stand out in job searches, and for companies who need help finding the right candidate from dozens of applicants.

I’ve always been an optimist as well as eager to help others, and that’s why I switched to offering my services to help with recruiting in the world of accounting and finance.

It’s all about finding the right person for the right job, and connecting the best possible candidates with their ideal work roles. My goal is to always leave finance companies and their hires in a better place, and help both sides hire quickly and with minimal stress.

Why should you work with me? My unusual but valuable path to recruiting

It’s not often in Poland that you meet a recruiter in the finance industry who’s got more than a decade of experience working in the sector, and that’s why I stand out from the pack.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an accountant and I worked hard to fulfil that desire. I secured a great career in finance that included eight years working in the UK, and several more years working in the sector back in Poland to further improve my deep understanding of accounting. But then I started thinking about how I could help other people who are eager to join the industry, and that’s why I moved into recruiting.

I use this inside expertise of the finance sector to help people stand out as job candidates, and also to help accounting firms find the absolute best possible hires.

For job applicants: giving you the support you need to secure your ideal role

Let’s be honest, finance is a competitive industry and it can be hard to stand out when hunting for jobs because companies get dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for top positions. I’ve overcome that hurdle and can share with you the top tips to stand out and win your dream job.

Many accounting recruiting companies do good work but are rarely led be people who have had actual experience in the industry. I’m pretty unique in the recruiting space because I’ve done 15 years of dedicated work in finance, and I know exactly what companies are looking for with job candidates. Let me share that knowledge with you to improve your work applications.

I know what finance companies are looking for from job candidates, including what you should and should not include in your resume, what to write in your cover letter, and learning the right things to say (as well as the things you must never say) during job interviews.

Get in touch with me for a simple way to remove all of the stress from trying to find a job in the finance industry, as I’ll work with you to match your skillset with the ideal position.

For finance companies: look no further for an expert to help you identify the best candidate


If you’re a finance company that needs help with finding new hires, I can help you save time and money and quickly identify the ideal candidate who meets your every need and will become a valuable member of your team that delivers consistently and never falls short. My rich network of first-class contacts means I can swiftly identify and verify the best person for an open job.

My approach for clients is to apply the skills I’ve developed during my lengthy accounting and finance career to help you find the perfect employee faster. Too many companies have to wait many weeks to discover the best person for the job, but I can make it happen quickly. That saves you, and the future employee, vital time as they can start work sooner.

This helps companies to avoid the nightmare scenario of having to spend many weeks trying to recruit a candidate and then finding out the person can’t actually do their job well after they are hired, which means wasting more time and money — whether that’s because you have to start the recruiting process all over again, or have to train the candidate after hiring them.

And my invaluable support also helps to protect you against hiring someone who signs a contract of employment but then decides the job isn’t right for them and quits just before they were due to start. I have the expertise to help you avoid hiring this type of job candidate.

You’ll never face those situations if you work with me to help you find your next great employee.


For companies looking to use a talent hunter in their recruitment process, highlighting and recognizing the qualities of the perfect recruiter is definitely the first step in the process of identifying a good one. This article will provide guidance on singling out talent hunters at the top of their game.

First, we highlight certain qualities that distinguish the perfect talent hunter.


The underlisted are the qualities which good talent hunters should possess:


A good talent hunter should primarily possess very good listening skills. The ability to listen and listen well is very important for a recruiter because they work end-to-end i.e. with their clients—the organizations they work for—and the job seekers they work with. A professional  working in recruitment will have to be one who listens with attention and can make out the requirements of both parties to detect alignment of objectives or otherwise. It is particularly important for the sake candidate in particular because their feedback is pivotal to placing them in a position that suits both parties.


Good recruiters are good talkers! As has been noted, recruiters work with both parties in the recruitment process. They are able to communicate the interests of the organization(s) their client-companies. They are also able to effectively communicate and keep candidatesinformed through the whole recruitment process, updating them on each stage of the process. This way, interests of the employers are met even as the candidates are kept on track.


Apart from the basic communication skills, great recruiters possess certain intellectual characteristics. To be able to gather, analyze and act on recruitment data, they would have to be analytical, creative, tech savvy and have the ability to think proactively.


Successful talent hunters are patient and empathetic. They are genuinely committed to achieving results. They have to be driven towards achieving the best results by attracting the best talents to their clients’ businesses. They exhibit empathy towards both parties in the recruitment process—the client-companies and the candidates. Empathy should be had towards the interests of the client-companies, and also to qualified candidates, by making sure they do not get left out in the recruitment process and that they get the jobs in the long-run, in a situation where they have met all the necessary requirements. Take a person working in recruitment who is not only passionate about getting results for the hiring company, but also shares from his experience and knowledge to make sure candidates will be successful in getting the job. This way, the best talents are found for companies and best employers for job candidates.

This clearly requires patience. A successful recruiter needs to be patient, as they deal with both parties. Tasks as setting up job interviews require the talent hunter’s time and full involvement. They have to be ready to take their time in selecting the bests in the recruitment process.


This is a very important attribute of a recruiter. A recruiter should have good knowledge of the industry in which he recruits candidates. It is even more preferred when recruiter has hands-on experience in the field they are working. For example, a recruiter who has worked for say 15 years in finance, accounting and banking is the best option when looking to recruit talents in the field of banking, accounting and finance. This is because he understands the specifics of the industry; job description, standard, requirements and qualifications that are needed on the job. Also, such a recruiter will prove more helpful in ensuring qualified candidates get the job, by sharing with them from his wealth of experience.

Experience is perhaps most important for the reason that it gives the recruiter insight into how to best seek for candidates that match the needs of the employers. Very few recruiters understand the needs of the employer and can match candidates, not only with the job description, but also in terms of soft dispositions as communication skills, creativity, and ability to work under pressure.



A good talent hunter should be interested in building good long term relationship with his clients. They understand the importance of satisfying their clients They think of recruitment as a relationship between a candidate and a company. With great relationship-building skills, a recruiter can build and nurture the relationship between a candidate and a company, acting in the benefit of both parties. The recruitment process is the first stage an organization gets to showcase their employer brand, and is the determining factor in creating a positive experience for candidates.


When using a recruiter, a company is relying on them to find the best possible candidate for a given position. A great recruiter needs to be trustworthy and ensure that he meets the needs of the company and the candidate.


 Hiring is a lengthy process, and there’s quite a lot between posting a job ad and filling an open position. Talent hunters need to put together job ads, screen applicants, run background checks, conduct interviews, consult with their employer, make job offers and much more. A great talent hunter has a knack for doing multiple things at once and excelling in each of them.


 With multitasking comes time management as there’s only a certain amount of hours in a day and sometimes, companies need a position filled very quickly. Time becomes even more relevant if the talent hunter is working with companies that have flexible working hours and employees across different time zones.


Good recruiters are interested in building long term relationships in two ways; between the companies they recruit for and the employee candidates. Secondly, between themselves and the companies they recruit for. This is because long-term relationships are a testament to a job well done by them.



Having highlighted the qualities of a good talent hunter, identifying the perfect talent hunter or recruitment agency, based on the qualities listed above, is the next step. Note that every reference to “talent hunter” or “talent hunter” also applies to “recruitment agencies”.

With so many search firms and staffing companies in the marketplace, recognizing the perfect talent hunter depends on a combination of factors based on the qualities of a good talent hunter. Therefore, an organization seeking a talent hunter must do the following:


These talent hunters are most likely to have the largest network of potential candidates and jobs because they are focused on a specific field. This factors the quality of experience and knowledge, as well as good network


Although this is a not a blanket rule to determine the competence of a talent hunter, it is important as it follows up on the need for a talent hunter to have experience which is a proven useful attribute for a talent hunter. For example, an experienced recruiter in say IT or finance sectors are best-suited to recruit candidates for companies in those industries, don’t you think?


This is a follow-up on the experience and knowledge of person working in recruitment. It is better if they specialize in your desired industry or field in order to achieve the best results. Working with companies in the same industry as yours means they have prior experience in scouting talents in your field and are more likely to understand the industries’ specifics.  


 A talent hunter with accounting experience is in a better position to understand your career and what you are looking for. This type of talent hunter is in a good position to screen for the best-suited applicant. With knowledge in accounting, the talent hunter is able to better understand the technical peculiarities of the role and therefore be able pick out a candied best suited to fill that position.

Again, take the example of a recruiter that has worked in banking and finance sector as an accountant, such person will not only understand the intricacies of corporate job roles, but will also have the wealth of experience to tap from when advising and making decisions in the recruitment process.


Once you have contacted a talent hunter and a relationship has been established, they should respond to your email/voicemail in a timely fashion. Communicating with them also gives an assessment of their communicative abilities and their ability to understand your needs. Timeliness in response reflects the work ethics of a talent hunter and particularly, multi-tasking and time management skills of such talent hunter. It is important to test talent hunters on this before going ahead with them.


This will help you know the networking ability of the talent hunter and if they are interested in building long-term relationships with the company through quality work. Quality work in the sense of attracting the best talents for client-companies,  and also ensuring that candidates get the best employers for a prosperous working relationship. This also speaks of a recruiter’s trustworthiness and reliability to get the job done.

These qualities and guides help companies find the perfect recruiters to assist them in achieving their aims and objectives through top-level recruitment processes and recruitment of top candidates.




In my opinion, an expert is someone who has been working in a given field for many years. I have many years of experience in corporate finance which entitles me to recruit for positions in the area of ​​finance, accounting, controlling and taxes. I recruit high-class specialists for the following positions:

  • Accountant
  • Chief Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Tax Advisor
  • Controlling Director
  • Financial Director

Candidates who I recommend to my clients has been verified in terms of :

  • knowledge required on position I conduct recruitment
  • motivation and readiness to change job
  • references from previous work place of candidate